Health & Safety Policy

Envogen acknowledges that it has a legal responsibility for ensuring that the Health and Safety of its employees, contractors and visitors is protected. These responsibilities are discharged through adherence to the following Commitments:

Health and Safety Management:

Envogen has appointed a management representative responsible for

  1. Determination of H & S requirements and their implementation across the business.
  2. The development and implementation of H & S Policy.

The Representative maintains the focus of all personnel on relevant matters through the H & S Committee which has members from management and Operational personnel. First Aiders are appointed from all areas and suitably trained. Fire Liaison Officers are appointed to ensure role call activities are fulfilled in emergencies.

Policy Commitments and Objectives

Envogen is committed to increasing the safety of the workplace, on or off site as demonstrated by reducing accident and injury frequencies, absence from work, maintaining in house training in safe working practices. The H & S Representative is responsible for determining the performance criteria of the business supporting the policy commitments and using the H & S Committee to agree and manage improvement.

Accident Reporting

Any accident is reported in the Accident Reporting Book which is maintained by the First Aiders


All aspects of H & S management will be communicated to personnel via the H & S Committee

Issued by: Dave Sumpter (Managing Director)

On: 02/12/07

Quality Assurance

Envogen's Health & Safety Policy is part of the ISO 9001:2008 Management System which operates throughout the company. More information can be found in the Quality Assurance Section.