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Envogen Flow Rig in Operation

Liquid Flow Metering

Envogen has recently expanded it's range of portable flow calibration rig's to include a smaller system catering for micro-bore flow meters and a larger system that accommodates meters with diameters of up to 4". These new systems now join our existing setup that provides a service for meters with ½" to 3" diameters. All the rig's in service contain the latest and most accurate detection systems on the market and are calibrated annually to National/International standards. This continued investment in mobile flow technology allows us to provide a more comprehensive service to our clients.

Benefits of the Mobile Flow System:

  • Highly cost effective.
  • Low Environmental Impact.
  • More efficient, resulting in less 'down time'.
  • Safe, minimal risk caused to personnel.
  • Able to carry out failure investigations & the necessary repairs.

Detailed Flow System Information:

After listening to it's customers and identifying key market trends, Envogen has upgraded and developed it's rigs to maximise the range of meters they can service, minimise expense, ensure the accuracy of the calibrations and minimise the impact they have on the environment.

  Small Rig Medium Rig Large Rig
Meter Size 1" or Less ½" - 3" 2" - 4"
Flow Rate Complete range from 1 - 45,000 litres/hour
Quality: Accuracy of Reading Numerous point readings are taken to guarantee accurate calibration throughout the range of the meter being calibrated. We calibrate to +/- 0.2% of flow reading, density correction to 0.00001g/cm³ and temperature correction 0.1°C.
Serviceable Meter's All types of Liquid Flow Meter can be serviced, using a variety of specially fabricated fittings.
Measurements Available Measurements can be taken in mass flow rate, volumetric flow rate or batch totals.
Units Available Mass: Grams(g), Kilograms(Kg), Ton(ton), Pounds(lb), Tonnes(t)
Volume: Litre(l), Gallons(gal), Meters Cubed (m³)
Time: Seconds(sec), Minutes(min), Hours(hr)
Environmental Impact/Waste All calibrations are carried out with the site's own clean water to ensuring the risk of cross contamination is kept to a minimum. By re-circulating water from our tank there is minimal water waste and any contaminated water can be disposed of in the correct manner.
Health & Safety All the mobile rig's are made entirely from Stainless Steel to ensure they can be safely taken in to hygienic areas. All Electrical equipment used on-site is regularly PAT tested and inspected before each site visit. The only liquid used is the site's own clean water.